Accurate Paper Holdings LLC was founded in 1988 and is part of Atlas Paper Holdings, Inc., the parent company. Over the years, we have become the largest independent commercial recycling facility in Central Florida. The centrally located recycling facility sits on seven acres in East Tampa. The property is fully fenced with the recycling center housed in an enclosed eighty-thousand square foot building designed for a high grade operation.

Accurate Paper's goal of creating long term relationships benefits all parties involved. Our paper mills benefit from a higher quality product. Our customers benefit from a higher revenue stream. Accurate benefits by fostering a long-term customer relationship.

Accurate Paper has learned that pricing is only part of a successful formula. Another is service. We view customer service as the key component of our business. We have a very low turnover in staff, and they are all mindful of this key principle. Many customers have been serviced by the same route driver for over ten years. Our office and sales staff started working together in 1992, and are still going strong. This longevity is instrumental to our success in meeting customer needs.

Accurate Paper's customer base is far reaching, from commercial printers to manufacturing facilities, distribution facilities to fulfillment centers, and paper converting operations to record retention centers.

Accurate Paper stands ready to meet your needs. Accurate also has a shredding division, ACCU-SHRED, which can satisfy the strictest confidentiality requirements in the marketplace.


Commercial Printers

Accurate Paper built a foundation on catering to the unique needs of our printer customers. We take time to fully understand the business and create a custom program to help you manage your waste efficiently and cost effectively. The goal is to provide the highest recycling value using the least amount of manpower and floor space.

Manufacturing Facilities

Waste audits are the foundation of Accurate's success in the manufacturing sector. It's not just about paper. We analyze the complex waste streams and find value in products that have traditionally been seen as garbage. We then provide whatever type of equipment that's needed to effectively recycle your waste. From balers to trailers and everything in between, we have the type of equipment you need.

Office Buildings

Accurate Paper offers a wide variety of office recycling containers to meet your needs. If a dual program of shredding and recycling is what you need the Accu-Shred division of Accurate Paper is there to implement the secure shredding side of the program.

Distribution & Fulfillment

Much like manufacturing facilities, waste audits are a key ingredient. It's not just about paper. We audit the waste stream and attempt to capture as many recyclables as is economically feasible, and provide the equipment to get the job done.

Accurate's equipment can meet any service requirement:

  • Compactors
  • Balers
  • Dock Trailers
  • Box Trucks
  • Air Systems
  • Containers

Contact us

5500 E Giddens Avenue Tampa, FL 33610

Phone: 813-622-7377 Fax: 813-621-6343

Dorothy Shearl:
[email protected]

Fritz Wicks:
[email protected]

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